About Us

“Today’s society where sporting success is equated with landing a government job or position and the higher up the ladder the better. We wanted to go against the wind, well aware of the risk and running against the general tide we decided to take the plunge. When we asked our seniors to describe their lifestyles, most of them would complain about the stress and pressure they have to keep facing, about how they joined the rat race and lost forever the opportunity to chase their true passion. This just further strengthened our belief in starting our own sports lifestyle company.” Rajendra Bhupathi, Founder.

Most Join gym’s & pay heavy monthly fees but are not motivated to go and do the same workouts daily, be believe that everyone will be motivated to do what they love and that’s true even in workouts, you can do that same workouts and stay fit while playing your favorite sports. That Motivated us to kick start PlaysFit, and here at PlaysFit we conduct various sporting activities, games and fitness sessions across communities and organisations.

Today we PlaysFit are Hyderabad’s foremost sports resource provider for Clubs, Schools, Individuals and corporates keen on taking up sports like Table tennis, Chess, Badminton, Football, Cricket, Swimming, Basket Ball and Squash etc.


Inspiring a fitter future generation. Facilitating Fitness and a healthy lifestyle through sports. To create a sporting and fitness culture in India by providing world class sporting resources.

Our Philosophy
Playing sports at any level is enjoyable and doing it regularly improves your overall personality and makes you a healthier person. generate substantial awareness about health benefits of sports to encourage citizens of India live a healthy and active lifestyle. Some of us take up a sport with a goal to become a champion. It is our endeavor to create a structured, scientific journey for you to reach your goal.

We believe that creating champions in sports is not by accident but is by design and structured training. Most sporting talent remains unrecognized or hits a plateau unless supported by comprehensive training , proper fitness and nutrition training. Which especially requires focused attention as you reach higher levels of performance. To make India a land of champions, there is a compelling need to broad base sports across the country and impart scientific training from early stages, including at academic institutions.


Who we are

Playsfit Sports Ventures Pvt. Ltd. is a young dynamic company managed by sportsperson and is rapidly becoming Hyderabad’s foremost Sports Resources Company with a unique 360-degree product ecosystem.
Playsfit Sports is a premier sports management company based out of India. Started in 2009, Playsfit has operations in 5 major cities across India i.e. Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.


What we Do
PlaysFit’s area of expertise is diverse. PlaysFit offers a complete sports solution for the Corporate. PlaysFit is a leader in organizing both Inter and Intra Corporate tournaments across India. It offers companies an opportunity to build strong businesses by aligning their brand values to the values of Sports. It also provides wide range of sportswear, equipment and other sporting goods to the corporate houses.


Playsfit is Hyderabad foremost sports resource provider for Clubs, Schools, Individuals and Corporates keen on taking up sports like Table tennis, Chess, Badminton, Football, Cricket, Swimming, Basket Ball and Squash etc.